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In the investment world, they ask for your “financial risk tolerance”. My question, is this: What is your “health risk tolerance”? Helping busy parents get healthy and fit for life is why VitalityON “Healthy Hero” coaching exists. Try my 30 second quiz here 🙂

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We help you lose weight, get fit and stay that way… WITHOUT a hours of cardio or a crazy diet.

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Healthy heroes don’t follow the crowd! Becoming a fit dad starts with an attitude of retaking your healthy masculine power, for your family and your future. It’s your super hero personality!


A Quick Note From The Founder, Dan O’Beirne:

Dear Fellow Busy Parent!

I am so glad you found it to this page, and congrats for your desire to improve your health for your family and yourself. If you’ve tried before and did not get lasting results, it’s not your fault.

The problem for most parents  over 40 is that fitness and weight loss plans are made for young people without kids. And creating good habits with family life is more difficult alone. Life is BUSY and bad habits are easy to access 24/7!

Inside our transformational coaching program, we teach you how to get fitter and leaner in less time with cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, simple habits, quick metabolic workouts, and healthy food (that actually tastes good).

Don’t be a lone wolf. Join our “rebel movement” for busy parents who want more from life. I’ve shared in the success of clients in 11 countries (so far), but even our top “success stories” want more. Our simple, sustainable program is made to keep you accountable and enjoying the journey. Because if you hate the process chances are you won’t keep doing this lifestyle. Make sense?



Inside our program, you’re going to learn about:

…and much more!


This knowledge has changed my life and we sincerely hope it will change yours. Enjoy and check your inbox over the next few days for more goodies!


BSc (Hons), CHFI.
Father, Husband, Science Geek & Food Lover.
Creator of VitalityON + Metabolic Motivation,
Partner – Magical Spain VIP Adventures

Recapping What’s Included Inside Our Coaching Program:

We will teach you simple “healthy hero” habits to be a leaner, revitalized version of yourself. You can conquer your workday, workouts and family fun time in a sustainable and time-effective way!

End of Life Studies Show, Many People Regret the Decisions They Waited Too Long To Make, and the Opportunities They Missed By Being “Too Busy”.

To Ensure Your Success, Your Personalized 1-to-1 Coaching Plan is Made to Fit Your Goals & Busy Life.

Revitalize Anytime and Anywhere…No Gyms or Chefs Needed 🙂

Revitalize and Be Your Kid’s Healthy Hero

"It is a shame for a man to grow old without ever FEELING the energy and strength of which he is capable."