How is VitalityON’s Simple Weight Loss Online Coaching Different From Others?

Great question and it’s good to be skeptical. There are a lot of shady operators lurking in weight loss, wellness, fitness, health and body transformation.

They want to sell you a “miracle plan” or a “hardcore plan”.  Some are well-meaning zealots like I used to be before my son was born at age 50!  Others would scam their own grandmother. They just want to make quick money and offer no customer support nor empathy.

So I get your frustration. Many of these programs just give you “one-size-fits-all” plans that likely did not work for busy people over 50.

There are four big reasons.

  1. TOO MUCH TIME: many programs designed by fitness pros who live in a gym or who have lots more free time than us busy parents.
  2. TOO COMPLEX:  most are overly complex to be sustainable for a busy, 40+ person with a family and other responsibilities.
  3. INEFFECTIVE:  the 1980s foundational idea that weight loss is “just eat less & exercise more”. This is both ineffective, stressful, and hurts confidence.
  4. TOO RISKY: Unless you have been active all your life (like Tom Brady or Drew Brees) a “hardcore” program can cause injuries & burnout.

If you’ve been told that eating less and exercising more are the keys to losing weight and if you’ve tried multiple diets with temporary success, only to end up with the dreaded “rebound weight gain” it’s not your fault.

There are other commonly repeated myths in weight loss & fitness.

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Now more about VitalityON’s online weight loss fitness coaching and if it’s the simpler, saner, solution you’ve been looking for.

You are super busy. This is made for busy 40+ folks by a busy 54-year-old dad to outsmart the weight loss, diet & fitness industries.

That’s why I decided it MUST be time effective and based on simple and sustainable lifestyle habits that are based on science.

My 4-year-old son deserves a lot of active & educational playtime with his daddy 🙂

So forget miracle pills, potions, and detoxes that are never a long term solution.

My plan is like hitting the RESET button on your fat-burning metabolic machinery.

Many people experience quick weight loss and increased energy and happiness.
And because it’s a sustainable lifestyle, the weight loss, energy and happiness is sustainable.
By sticking with the simple VitalityON habit plan, you’ll restore your metabolism to its “factory setting ”
—one where it’s primed to burn fat for energy, not store it as uncomfortable flab on our middle, hips or thighs.
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P.S.   One more way this is different and effective:  We START with subtraction to help you get rid of one or more ineffective, time-wasting habits.  Less is more my friends.   Contact us for questions.
Stay healthy & strong,
Dan  – 54-year-old dad, head coach & founder     
PS   I’m not a gym muscle head 🙂 In fact, I have stayed fit since March at home without a gym with almost no equipment. The human body can be you gym if you know what to do!
Personally,  I am a science geek and graduated with honors with a B.Sc. in Health, Nutrition & Human Performance
in the USA where I worked with 2 hospital-based Wellness Center as a health education speaker, personal trainer,
and manager.  I have received an “alphabet soup”  of certification including the coveted A.C.S.M.  Health & Fitness Instructor certification.
What are your health & fitness dreams and action plans for 2021?….    Contact me for any questions.