Good morning ____!  How’s everything?   Thanks for your email & questions. I’ll answer down below in orange =)

OK Dan,  I am feeling great doing the week. My husband says I look like I am 30-something not 45 which is great! I have lost 2 dress sizes and 11 pounds in 9 weeks 
and feel some firm, solid toned muscle in all the right places. My energy and moods are generally better and almost over the Krispykreme chocolate donut & Dominos Pizza cravings! My only obstacle is I’ve got to get my mind right on weekends when we meet friends or family.  I am determined to not take backwards steps this weekend!  I know it’s old school but it’s the “moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips” syndrome.  Need to sacrifice for a while then can find the balance one reach goals.
Kudos for your progress and for your honesty in noting the obstacles!
3 weekend strategies for you to consider. 
I suggest you Pick One and test it this weekend OK?  Also mentally I’d suggest you think about this as a new life phase, not a short term sacrifice. Learn to manage your Kryptonite / temptations or banish them like me with Doritos/ nachos & cold beer  🙂     
1)  Consider I.F. (Intermittent Fasting) on Saturday and / or Sunday.  This gives you a safety cushion to stay in or near calorie balance.         
2)  When eating, “danger areas” are often A.A.D.  =  Alcohol, Appetizers, & Desserts. –  Decide before you get to the moment
that you will only do 1 or max 2 of these.      Ex:  1 Glass of wine + Cheese  but no dessert.   ect… 
3)  Know yourself & Gateway Effect: For some there is a “gateway effect” so say for me,  if I have beer I want nachos or olives,
 but no beer and I skip the nachos easily and have a few olives.
Please let me know your choice OK?…. 
 I am excited to see your results once you give yourself 4 weeks of solid, healthy eating, sleeping & workouts. Remember, after 40 especially we can’t out-train the less healthy foods & alcohol, especially with a job & family!  (this might become a blog post soon).

2.  Yes did the full new workout last night.  I can tell since my hamstrings are just a bit sore this morning!  LOL!  I’m will be doing 3 this week MWF !

Awesome, if hamstrings are sore then just do more foam roll & less weight to recover for next workout OK?

3. Yes… it’s ashwagandha. So continue with that and add the Berberine?
–   Yes try ashwagandha in the evening. It’s not a sedative nor stimulant but helps body to find balance. 

I also might take in morning with my coffee if I am feeling stressed.  Berberine b/f or with meals.

4. I’m sorry for not answering on the app.  I’m old!  and thus a slow typer on my phone.

It’s so much easier for me to use a computer with a keyboard!
–   No problem, I realize I’m mostly doing the app via my computer too!  Email is faster! Thanks for feedback always!

Lemme know your thoughts, please.

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