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After my third child the “baby weight” did not want to go away. My husband said he loved me anyway but I felt like we were becoming SIBLINGS! Our marriage and bedroom passion felt more like a Chicago winter.

He gained weight too, spent more time on his stress-filled job. With 3 kids under 12, I worried about his family history of heart attacks and feared being left alone. I was on and off exercise and diets, Weight Watchers, South Beach, vegan, paleo and others for years but never felt good nor sustainable.

I dreamed of a healthy lifestyle so I could lose weight, get fitter and healthier not another quick fix or radical diet. My other desire was to boost my slow metabolism to allow for occasional carb treats with my family celebrations. I also wanted to inspire my husband to get healthier himself. On a day to day basis, I was sick of making 2 dinners, the Weight Watcher points system, the prepackaged foods, detoxes, weighing foods and counting calories and grams of macros. My knees and back were always aching too.

Long story short, we happened to do a 10 day private Spain tour run in 2017 with an American run company Magical Spain. Turns out, Dan O’Beirne was a partner in the tour company. We had lunch during a day of hiking and were amazed. He was 51 but looked 10 years younger. And he ate as much as anyone but was lean and fit. We asked him how he could do this, what’s the secret?… Dan said the secret is small, healthy habits that improve your metabolism so it can burn excess fat, decrease inflammation as you regain vitality. Dan sent us a copy of his Healthy Habits e-book and a link a short fat loss IQ quiz.

We had a relaxed Zoom call with him and signed up with the couples plan for private coaching. We needed supportive accountability of someone who got us and also busy and successful. Dan loves to help the willing and he “walks the talk”. He uses a “minimal effective dose” of exercise and knows all the bio-hacks like carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and metabolic resistance training. We started with very simple fat loss habits and gradually added new habits so it’s very sustainable.

Our plans were tweaked as needed each as everyone is different. Our new habits helped our chubby kids get leaner without complaining. We had no idea about how much hidden sugars in processed foods add up. We realized we’d been fooled by many pseudo-healthy foods and juices. Another benefit we learning how to do short, workouts of 15 to 30 minutes at home and when to eat our favorite carb foods yet not regain the weight. Highly recommend BOTH Dan’s companies.


Jessica, 44 years young

Lost 47 lbs + 5 pants sizes


Before, I felt like an old man, aging too fast, you know... low energy, achy joints, no libido and lots of belly flab. Then high blood pressure scared me as my Dad died at 59. A guy at my church told be about this program.

I was sceptical and hate dieting. But talked to Dan, invested and after 6 months, I’ve lost 48 pounds and feel 10 years younger! My wife is only halfway doing the program but is feeling energetic, happy and looking beautiful.

I love the flexibility to adapt things to my busy life. That’s the amazing thing about simple habits, like 5 to 30 minute workouts and how to eat delicious foods, even desserts and wines, without sabotaging my results. I am a better role-model for my kids, a better husband, and a better bread winner….

Looking back I was not really living, just working and watching TV. Really missing out on the fun, active, family life I can enjoy now with my new energy. We are hoping to do Dan’s 2022 “Healthy Good Life” Spain retreat with great food, fitness, castles & wine.


Marshall, 54 years young

Lost 48 lbs + 5 pants sizes


Dan explained & simplified nutrition, fitness & mindset in ways I've never heard. Bottom line,  I feel great, 14 pounds leaner! I've gained energy, confidence and strength while exercising and stressing LESS.

In the past, I was inconsistent. I might get up to 5 to 8 hours of cardio weekly, mostly running. I’d lose some weight but was skinny fat and I’d get injured. Then I’d regain while injured. So I’d try spinning, fast walking, and an elliptical. All this cardio left me hungrier. My strength training was really wimpy before.

Dan asked the right questions to discover the “low hanging fruit”. Then he suggested tweaking and testing a few daily habits. I learned my mindless snacking on “healthy snacks” was keeping me flabby. Dan taught me that tracking food & exercise is kind of like how you budget your income and expenses each month. Along with losing 14 pounds of fat, I gained some muscle that firmed up my legs and hips and dropped 2 pants sizes.

I’ve got more energy, can sustain this and still enjoy life. My big lesson is to prepare a plan each week for my exercise and food shopping, only weigh myself twice a month and with measurements + to focus on quality real food, especially veggies, olive oil and protein every time I eat. If you want to fast track your results, talk to Dan and his team. They are experts  =)


Alba, 37 years young

Lost 14 lbs + 2 pants sizes

 Here’s the plan Alba used…


Hi guys! Before I found Vitality On I had a great excuse “I’m too busy and with my genetics, I’ll always be fat like my parents”. But high blood pressure and sleep apnea got my attention.

To add insult to injury, my kids told me they were bored with me because I had such low energy even on weekends.

My doctor said weight loss would help. So I tried hard-core fitness like P90X and CrossFit but time, soreness and injuries were problematic. While nursing an injured shoulder, I heard about Dan’s coaching. With only his nutrition coaching, I dropped 14 pounds in 30 days BEFORE starting the short home workouts. Now I am 62 lbs leaner and feel so much younger and stronger. Even my ex-wife is shocked!


Sean, 49 years young

Lost 62 lbs + 6 pants sizes


I work in hospital administration with long hours and a diet of stress and take out. Exercise, family and sleep suffered. Dan had worked in a hospital years ago and got me and the challenges of eating well.

He created a personalized plan that is simple and flexible. I can always find 10 to 15 minutes for home exercise or yoga.

The kiddos often join in so it’s a double win. The key for me is the simple food and workout strategies are flexible, time-effective and sustainable. It feels great to setting a better example as a fitter mom and I swear the kids are eating more veggies and protein and less junk now too 🙂


Terry, 35 years young

Lost 38 lbs + 4 pants sizes


I had always been the skinny guy who could eat anything and not gain weight... until my late 30s. I tried online exercise programs, hired expensive trainers, did fad diets and lost and regained weight multiple times.

My girlfriend joked and said my belly fat was sexy, but deep down I hated it. My A1C test showed I was in the pre-diabetes zone.

That was the final straw that woke up my desire to retake control of my habits and health. Dan and Vincent taught me how to exercise less but smarter and how to “earn” my high carb favorites like pizza, paella and potatoes BUT without sabotaging my results. Now 19 pound lighter, I’ve signed up for another 4 months to add muscle as we get ready for our wedding. My fiancée says I look much younger and sexier! This program works and you’ll learn how to sustain it.


Alejandro, 44 years young

Lost 19 lbs + 3 pants sizes


Sitting at work and in traffic with a sales job was killing me! I prefer to be outside instead of a gym. Dan designed outdoor exercise options and simple home workouts with a metabolic bang.

Diet-wise, on the first Zoom call, I told Dan about my love for wine, olive oil, lasagna, garlic butter and chocolate.

He said “no problem” with his carb-cycling, we could fit those items in the flexible, healthy eating plan I was intrigued. With 33 pounds of weight loss and toned muscles and new energy, I am super-satisfied, motivated and NOT deprived. Best of all I can keep this up and “earn” my carb refuel meals that vary based on the weeks workouts and sleep. Like Dan says the healthy good life is possible. I am now contemplating a career change based partially on the new confidence and energy!


Kathy, 37 years young

Lost 33 lbs + 3 pants sizes

For me the restrictive diets, hours of cardio and “all or nothing” thinking WERE my problems. Who knew?.... I learned to exercise less but smarter and how to drink wine, eat cheese, steaks and chocolate. My wife is joining in now! Balance beats boredom 🙂

Yep, I’d wasted lots of years and money and on failed programs. How much is feeling, looking and thinking better worth?… This program is more than fitness, it’s about mindset and habits that help all areas of life. Thanks Dan & Vincent.


Patrick, 43 years young

Lost 27 lbs + 3 pants sizes

I remembered my father’s awesome results from Dan’s program. We were surprised he could still eat big portions of real food. So different from Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, yep I'd tried all. Truth is I started dieting at 16 and in 10 years had failed at all the famous ones!

But happily, I learned it was the diets and “diet deprivation mentality” that kept me stuck on as Dan say’s “the commercial weight loss merry go round”. With the right macros and supportive accountability of check ins, I am down 24 pounds and feel great inside and out! Oh, I also have lost nearly 4 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my thighs and lost an inch from my upper arms and my neck. People say I look 4 or 5 years younger too! Even my doctor, who knows nothing about nutrition I discovered, said, “Sophia keep doing whatever you’re doing”

My motivation is up, walking more ( mostly 10,000 steps/day) and simple, smart, metabolic workouts with just a few fitness bands and 2 kettlebells as Dan suggested. The mindset lessons about progress not perfection help too. The best thing is my confidence is up so I just requested a salary increase! I got it and am setting a top secret goal 🙂


Sophia, 32 years young

Lost 24 lbs + 2 pants sizes

With my Italian heritage, I LOVE to eat and cook, especially pasta. I get it, too many carbs keeps me fat. But feeling deprived on “rabbit food” diets was not sustainable. Dan and Marcos taught me to track macros with an app, adjust and how to fit in the carbs.

This motivated me. The metabolic exercise can be done in 10 to 20 minutes (or more) at home with little or no equipment or in a gym too. Real-life skills that my grown kids are learning too.

My baby grandkids better be ready for adventure with their new, improved grandad!… If you are serious about losing weight for good and getting fit and healthy don’t waste time on extreme exercise programs made by some 20 something gym rat, talk to Dan. As a side benefit my MD (who needs to lose 20 pounds himself) was shocked at my improved blood pressure and lower blood sugar so I’m off most meds and my testosterone is rising with this smarter lifestyle.


Anthony, 62 years young

Lost 57 lbs + 6 pants sizes

Working as a stressed desk-bound engineer, I became a sedentary dude with a semi-bum knee and the weight piled up. My wife found Dan via social media and I had a insight-filled call with no sales pressure. He listened and got my situation.

Then he explained his unique, minimalistic method to outsmart weight gain. I signed up for 4 months and then renewed. Dan designed and tweaked a simple food, fitness & habit plan for my busy life. There was 24/7 tracking via the app and daily check ins, messages + live Zoom calls to check on progress and tweak anything that wasn’t optimal.

Cooking is not my or my wifes forte, we preferred to order take out and exercise at home mostly. Dan showed us how to workout effectively with minimal equipment. One of my dreams was running with my dog on weekends. The best thing beyond the new fitter body and renewed energy and confidence is I have learned lifelong strategies to stay lean, fit and energetic at home or traveling.

This is sustainable. If I need more help I know where to get it. My metabolic workouts are typically 90 minutes /week but I can do more if desired. I now have gained a bit of muscle and have time to play guitar, and dance with my wife. I’ve noticed my libido, which was down, has returned with vigor. my wife is proud of me and has rejoined her yoga classes. Weekends are MUCH better now 🙂


Jason, 43 years young

Lost 29 lbs + 3 pants sizes

I used to be a fit athlete, but after marriage and kids my “dad bod” and stress came on strong. I tried Cross Fit but injuries flared up and happy hour was easy. Dan mentioned the “domino effect” rule.

The stress buster habits like simple home workouts, walks or a bit of yoga beats a few beers after work. My weight is down and I have regained lost muscle. I love that my energy, libido and body are revitalized. My wife is impressed and our “bedroom gymnastics” passion and frequency seems to growing. She’s lean from running but wants to join the program soon to save time, prevent injuries and gain strength!


Christian, 45 years young

Lost 15 lbs + 2 pant sizes

Well I have always been the tall, skinny guy and ate a lot of junk washed down with Coke and Mountain Dew. To get ahead in my career, I began to work longer hours and sacrificed my sleep. I began to feel like crap and found out that my A1C was creeping up despite me being skinny.

Weird genetics or what?… Anyway Dan helped me find a balance so I could manage the stress, sleep, better food + short 20 minute home or gym workouts.

Pre-planned workouts loaded on my phone via the app mean no confusion and helped me a lot. I found I’d been under-eating protein and healthy fats and needed more calories with much less sugar. That means I eat more food and what do ya know, the exercise, sleep and nutrition has allowed me to gain 10 solid pounds in a year. With this added muscle and vitality I’ve got more motivation and confidence for other things. On the fence?… talk to Dan about your situation and see if this program is a good fit or not. You might benefit for the rest of your life 🙂


Matthew, 42 years young

Gained 10 lbs 

To get ahead in my career, I began to work longer hours and sacrificed my diet, exercise, family time and sleep. This lead me to gain a bunch of weight, mostly belly fat while staying up too late which led to late night snacking before bed.

Dan helped me find a balance and improve my mental game. Instead of thinking well I don’t have an hour to workout, I just find 10 to 20 minutes to exercise at home.

Some days I do more, it depends but now I am CONSISTENT. The nutrition, workouts & habits plan is all crystal clear on the VitalityOn app on my phone. Planning and prepping meals on Sundays helped me a lot. Money is important but can NOT buy health, fitness and energy. The big surprise to me was that you can enjoy life but don’t guess. Get the right plan, tracking and accountability of a coach. With my improved energy, confidence and balance every area of my life is better now 🙂


Todd, 39 years young

Lost 18 lbs + 2 pant sizes

Hi guys! My wife and I wanted to start a family but my hefty physique was NOT inspiring bedroom romance nor fertility. Finally, after a big fight, she challenged me gently to shape up. The Zoom consult with Dan was great.

I realized I pay for professional support in other areas. Not doing so with my weight led me to waste time with confusing internet ideas. Marcos created a plan for my deadline-fueled work schedule. It is is flexible and SUSTAINABLE and you don’t need a gym. My wife and I are pregnant now and ready for a “second honeymoon” once the Coronavirus is behind us! I am so excited to keep on feeling and performing my best now and in the future with my family. If you’re ready to stop wasting time and get sustainable results find an experienced & caring coach with a proven track record like Dan.


Rob, 40 years young

Lost 34 lbs + 3 pant sizes

When I signed up I was 52 but was often feeling 70!... They say small hinges swing big doors. Vitality On is about simple, smart habits you can sustain. The coaches care and trouble-shoot problems.

For me beyond losing 20+ pounds, the key is this is time-effective and simple. Also I am not risking injury like some of my buddies had with P90X or Crossfit.

I used to think weight loss mean constant hunger. But for the most part, I lost the excess belly fat without hunger. The meal plan is made for a man, not a vegan rabbit LOL. So I grill burgers, pork, or steaks with family. My decades old 9pm ice cream habit has been replaced by a special, healthy dessert that Dan personally eats with his son! As a father I respect that. I joined because our youngest child was born last year. There’s a lot of potential adventures ahead. I now am a healthier, happier man that my wife and kids deserve.


Jason, 52 years young

Lost 24 lbs + 2 pant sizes

I have been heavy all my life even as a kid with a sweet tooth. Later I became a programmer and app developer I mostly was sitting all day and into the night. Call me lazy, but I prefer video games to the possible humiliation of a gym. Diet-wise I love couscous, breads and Moroccan sweets.

Before I’d tried vegan, paleo and keto but burned out. So the flexible, healthy eating was key. I learned about 90/10 rule and how and when to eat my treats! With my 39 pounds of weight loss and some new muscle, my confidence is much higher and I am engaged to a lovely woman who inspires me. We hope to have a family and I’m happy my body, energy and fitness are better now than anytime in my life.


Hassan,  38 years young

Lost 39 lbs + 3 pant sizes

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