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While I've geeked out on health science, fitness, and habits since 1990, I am not a "know-it-all guru".

In fact, I LOVE learning new things. That’s why I seek out other experts worldwide, read their stuff, and interview them on the VitalityON YouTube Channel.

You’ll learn the latest and greatest from the worlds of wellness, nutrition, sleep, exercise, energy, and health science. No “quick-fix” B.S. and no magic bullet “fat burner” pills.

Real results that last come from a simple vitality lifestyle with sustainable, smarter habits.

This is for people who remember that, before our grandparents, many humans lived very well with real food, fewer pills & no gyms.

It is the most fun you’ll have while learning healthy strategies from experts. Listen in as the coolest, most dynamic people share what makes them tick.

Break a sweat with our fast-moving fitness videos!


Add some zest to your kitchen with fun recipes for any occasion.

Laugh along as Dan answers your embarrassing questions, like:

“Why do men have nipples?”

Sound good? Well, we're just getting started. It's all here -- fresh, entertaining, and unexpected ways to help you live a healthier life.

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