Are you a busy professional 40+ looking for a simple way to finally lose weight, get fit and healthier and maybe look younger, all in just a few months? 

Imagine achieving this without boring diets, hours in sweaty gyms, or living with hunger?

Sound interesting?…

I am Dan O’Beirne and my simple, science-backed online fitness habit coaching might be for you.


Yep, that’s my mug shot above during the 2020 lockdown at age 54 🙂 

Listen way before Peleton, Beach Body and the internet I was coaching fitness and nutrition starting while in university in 1990. Since then I’ve worked in 2 USA hospital-based wellness and rehab centers, trained banking and commerce executives in Chile and now coach and teach my simple system online from Europe. Truth is I love to help people progress. That’s why it’s a great feeling to help busy clients of all shapes and sizes improve their bodies and future. This might mean reaching a healthy weight, getting toned up, feeling revitalized…all without hating their new lifestyle.

Everyone is different and so everyone’s VitalityON plan and journey is somewhat unique.  This includes avoiding common mistakes and myths weight loss is “just eating less and exercising more”. Or that weight loss always = fat loss.  More on those myths later that have reached the highest levels in our culture.

You see years ago in Miami, Florida I worked with elite athletes in the NFL, and NBA, as well as hard-working, women and men. While their goals and obstacles were different, most all of them believed the above myths to be true.

While the athletes wanted more muscle and speed, 95% of people I coach simply want to get leaner, feel better or regain their long-lost more youthful vitality and zest for life. You see, after 40 we have to be smarter about our time, exercise, food, and recovery. Personally, I have found a way to use smarter metabolism-building micro workouts often just 10 to 20 minutes. These micro-workouts can be done at home or while traveling with little or no equipment.

But it was not always like this for me. Thing is I used to be healthy food and fitness junkie during the week.  Even though I have a university degree in health science including nutrition, psychology, and fitness, I had to learn the hard way after 40 that my old habits of “work hard and play hard” were causing me to get flabby and weaker. This lead to lots of aches and pains and no energy to exercise as I had done for decades for long hours after a weekend of excess food & drink. A downward spiral we can all fall into.

When lockdown hit us in the spring of 2020 I fell off the wagon again and went into a beer, Netflix and Doritos funk for a while before I got myself together and simplified my program even more. This super, streamlined program of nutrition, fitness, mindset and healthy habits plan is what I call Lean Hacks-X. It’s allowed me to begin to help busy people who don’t want to go to a gym, people who were overwhelmed with complicated boring diets, the “high intensity” beach body type fitness that wants you to do hours and hours.

Personally, I’ll not lie to you. I find helping people who are all in “crack the code” to sustainable health & fitness is an exhilarating challenge. This is because everyone is different and programs must be adapted  – via trial and error – to each individual’s goals, strengths, weaknesses, and life situation. That’s why the minimum commitment is for 3 months which is the into SILVER program. But many opt for the extra-progress and supportive accountability on the 6-month GOLD plan or 12-month PLATINUM executive transformation plans

I’m personally looking for a few more success stories. It’s something I really enjoy. So I am looking for a few online coaching clients that are ready for success. They are coachable and will use my simple strategies to reach a healthy weight, get fitter and look younger. This means working one-on-one with me to guarantee their success.

If that sounds like you, read on because I’ll map out exactly how we can work together to guarantee your success for a fraction of the cost of working with some mediocre trainer at the local gym.


Your Results Are Guaranteed.


If you do this long enough, you realize that many trainers,  and coaches young and old have no rhyme or reason to what they’re doing.

Their programs are often what worked for them once or rehashed from their favorite fitness blog or magazine.

Their exercises and nutrition plan might consist of whatever they saw on YouTube or Instagram earlier that week.

So is it really hard to imagine why most of these trainers don’t get lasting results for their clients?

I like to think of myself as the anti-trainer or coach.

I have one simple goal for the clients and athletes I work with:

It’s to deliver results with simple habits and the most time-effective way for you. Plain and simple.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do for you…Deliver Results.


How Can I Guarantee Your Success? Here’s The Formula


I’ve been coaching clients, like I said above, since 1990 which has really allowed me to dial in my system. Even when I was

backpacking around South America for a few months long ago I could not stop helping folks along the way.

So the first thing I like to do is ask some simple but important questions as part of my application.  Then if we both feel like we might be a good fit we do a discovery call – this is where I learn as much about you as I can. The key is this is 100% confidential so your honesty is important. We will talk things like:

  • What your passions, plans & goals are for the next 12 months + 3, 5 & 10 years.
  • Who will you need to become to reach those goals and sustain them.
  • What you’ve done in the past, food, fitness, daily schedule, mindset, habits & the results.
  • Why it worked for you, or perhaps more importantly, didn’t work.
  • Obstacles that we will need to manage or overcome.
  • What your unique, individual needs and situations is so that we can determine if working together is a good fit.

By the end of that initial conversation, I’ll have a solid idea as to where you’re at, and what we need to do to get you moving and feeling great.

From there, I will design a 100% customized training program that is specific to your unique needs and goals.

Yes, you heard that right…every training session will be individually designed for you.

No one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter program.

This is a custom-designed blueprint to guarantee that you finally get the body that you want.


It’s Not Just Programming – It’s Online Body Transformation COACHING


Your first program is just the starting point – the tip of the iceberg.

Each and every week, you’ll check in to let me know how well you’re progressing, send me video clips if desired, and get feedback on your nutrition, training, mindset and habits. In fact, to be sure you start well, for the first 2 weeks, you can send me a messages / questions daily and I’ll get back ASAP.

That’s right – I’m not just sending you a program once per month and hoping you figure it out.

Every week, we’re communicating to make sure that you’re working the program, that your exercise technique is improving, and that you’re seeing awesome results.

And every four weeks, we’re going to update your program.

After all, your body is going to be changing – becoming fitter, stronger, more flexible and probably more athletic.

That’s why we have to constantly update your program to make sure that we’re continuing to challenge your body.


“So Dan, What’s All Of This Cost?”


I’m sure by now you’re wondering how much all this costs…and for good reason.

When I coach or consult with clients live in-person,  my rate is $199 / private coaching session + any travel expenses.

If you’re even training with me twice per week, that’s  $1,600 per month.

If you’re doing three times per week, you’re looking at $2,400 per month.

OK this seem like a lot of money at first glance, the athletes and success-minded people know that life is short. They understand this is an investment in FASTRACKING their most valuable asset – their health, fitter body, energy and their confidence.

My question here is how much better will you feel after upgrading your health,  body, energy and confidence? What else could you accomplish after getting these results, getting the “upgraded version of yourself”?

But here’s the really cool thing – you’ll get that same level of private, personalized coaching and program design at a fraction of the cost.

After working with hundreds of clients over the years, and programming for thousands of clients, my program design process is truly dialed in and efficient.

In fact, if we get going now I can get you started for as little as $399 per month.

And remember, this isn’t the cookie-cutter, program-of-the month BS that most “online” coaches are passing off as customized programming.

My work is 100% personalized for you.


Again, This Is NOT For Everybody!


Look, I truly love working with people, and even more, I love helping people get results.

But unfortunately, I’m very busy and time is a precious commodity for me.

As such, I have to going to be VERY picky about who I work with.

If you’re interested in working together, here is my criteria for every client and athlete I coach:

  1. Show Up. What most people fail to realize is that showing up every day is 90% of the battle. If you simply commit to the process with me, I can virtually guarantee your success.
  2. Be Coachable. Every great client and athlete I’ve worked with over the years is coachable. They want to learn, and they want to get better, and they know a great coach can help them achieve their goals.
  3. Work Hard. This is not optional. If you are serious about achieving your goals, you have to be willing to get a bit uncomfortable in the gym. I can assure you, though, the results are worth it.

OK, sure  sounds simple at first glance, but I assure you there aren’t many “secrets” in this game. If you show up, work hard, and allow me to coach you, I know we’re going to see some great results.

Here’s What I Need You to Do NOW…


If you’re serious about getting started, I’ve got two ways for you to do just that.

  1. The FAST TRACK “I’m ready to start right now, TODAY” option, or…

  2.  PONDERING “I’m pretty sure I want to start, but want to ask more questions” option.

The fast track option is simple – pick from one of my training packages below, sign-up, and I’ll reach out ASAP to get things rolling.

Yes! I want to sign-up NOW for Online Coaching


Or, if you want to learn more about the program first, start by completing the questionnaire below.

Give me as much detail as you can.

Once I have your information, I’ll reach out to you to schedule our consulting call.

If at the end of that we both feel like we’re a good fit, we’ll start working together to help you get the body, healthy habits and sustainable lifestyle you want.

And we decide it’s not a good fit – that’s OK too.

I’ll never ask you for a single penny unless I know that I can get you the results you want.

Time IS A Factor…


This opportunity is extremely limited due to the one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

So it is physically impossible for me to work with more than 15 people world wide, while delivering personalized service explained above.

That’s why time is definitely an issue – there are only so many hours in the day, and many of mine are already accounted for!

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity might be closing

In fact, it could only be here for a few days if regestrations go like I think they will.

If you feel like this is right for you, simply fill in the application and we’ll take it from there!

In your corner,

Coach Dan

Dan O’Beirne,   B.Sc. (Hons)  – Health Sciences & Nutrition

Founder & Head Coach =>   –  ” Revitalize & Get Fit to Enjoy Life after 40… Without Hours of Exercise, Gyms or Hunger”


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