simple fast workout
One simple fast home workout strategy I teach for busy people is part as part of our time-effective
health and fitness transformation coaching of my M2H or metabolic mini-habits.
In fact, this might just be the world’s simplest, fast yet effective workout routine.
It’s ideal after a workout layoff or for a beginner or just for when life gets extra busy.
Flexibility is important for health & fitness success in the real world.
The cool thing is this takes almost no time yet impacts our metabolism.
Squats and push up are metabolic powerhouse exercises because they activate so much muscle.
For example, knock out 1 set of squats (to near max) + 1 set of push-ups (to near max) as a mid-morning
or mid-afternoon work breaks.   Total time 2 minutes X 2 mini-workouts  = 4 minutes.
Want to ramp it up? Stack another mini-workout before one or all meals.
Ideally, I’d do 3 times per week, say Mon/Wed/ Fri  -OR-  Tues/Thur/Sat.
Of course, we can add more but the key is to get the habits established before ramping up.
Does this simple, fast home workout make sense as part of your sustainable, health and fitness toolbox for busy people?…