WARNING: Side effects of Dr. Tony’s Rx can include lasting weight loss, wellness, better moods, vitality, decrease in pharma drug use, and in some cases, even reversal of some chronic diseases. This was both an info-packed and motivating interview

Discover the many benefits of living smarter and living healthier with Dr. Tony Hampton, a caring and whip-smart family physician who is also board-certified in Obesity Medicine 

See part 1 of our interview here =>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22JXipkWOyk&t=369s

He is the author of Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes, and is a leader in the growing evidenced-based movement toward lifestyle medicine and often advocates and practices a smart lower-carb eating plan.For more see Dr Tony’s web: www.doctortonyhampton.com

Book: = www.amazon.com/Fix-Your-Diet-Diabetes-Reversing/dp/1941478387/ref=nodl_

P.S. Dr Tony’s son’s new cultural podcast that was mentioned:


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