So here’s the thing. When you grab a map and plan a backcountry hiking route, you might not know what lies on the ground until you actually walk it.
Sure your GPS tells you where you are, but the actual steps you take have to be adjusted for the terrain. Be ready for storms, injuries and big bears too!
πŸ’₯ Now just because I know & love health & fitness transformation coaching, doesn’t mean that I know exactly what “the terrain” will be as we advance on the transformation journey.
BTW, Who am I and why listen to me at all?…. I’m Dan O’Beirne, a busy 55 year old entrepreneur & dad to a tornado-like 5-year-old.Β  Small kids can take a big chunk of time and after lockdowns started I had no gym. My road map was now broken πŸ™Β  So I floundered and fell into a funk of Netflix and beer. Thank God, my wife showed some wise, tough love. She asked me if I was going be a victim or decide with determination to find a new way, a new road map forward. I decided she was right and it was time to adapt to the new normal without a gym.Β  So I simplified a home fitness plan, meals and tiny healthy habit hacking to regain my abs and energy. See more on my web.
Maybe you’re thinking, “OK great but how does this help me and my unique life?”…
Listen each person and their life is unique. Some need more support and others less. That’s why I offer and test different strategies and tactics with each new customer to find the best fit.Why is that?
🎯 First, it’s because professionally step one is to go through
an assessment protocol to understand where someone is physically and mentally. 3 examples:
1) For someone who loves junk food and dislikes veggies, it would be stupid to plan a vegan type eating plan. I have a very different more savory plan for this situation. πŸ™‚
2) As per the health science studies by Dr Sarah Hallberg and others, a pre-diabetic or T2D person is not a good fit for a high carb, low-fat diet. (see my interview with her on my Youtube channel).
3) Anyone who is 20+ pounds overweight should not be running due to the injury risk and joint wear and tear. A low to no-impact fitness routine is a smarter choice. Make sense?
So to achieve a LASTING transformation we must customize each client’s plan and outsmart the obstacles.
πŸ’₯ This includes an individual’s preferences, free time, situation & dreams. That’s why testing & refining of tactics is vital, to find the best combination that gives lasting results with the least time invested each week and that fits one’s likes if possible.
Personally, I love Doritos and beer but sadly neither give any positive ROI. So they don’t fit my longevity plan. Instead I substitute with tasty but healthier alternatives.
For example, I’ll never suggest you do things you hate. That’s is stupid and not going to last. Don’t worry there are hundreds of tactics and you only need a few.
So once we do the testing and get a customized habit plan (meals, movement, mindset and a few key daily habits) from there I like to streamline to simplify even more with the 80/20 rule.
Contrast this with cheapo “cookie-cutter” group weight loss, fitness or diet programs out there that reuse a template with no personalization for your preferences, goals or constraints.
Studies show the failure rates of the mass-market non-customized programs are at up to 95% after 1 year.
Having an expert coach in your corner will save you from many missteps and wasted time, energy and effort…
Especially if your coach has navigated the overly complex health and fitness jungle for 3 decades on 3 continents with strategies from 30+ experts (you can see my interviews on my Youtube show).
Did you get some value and like this post?…
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Hope you enjoyed my post A SIMPLER ROAD MAP TO FITNESS FOR BUSY PEOPLE and will share with a few busy parents who really need some help to drop 20+ pounds and become their family’s healthy hereo