It’s no secret that obesity and chronic lifestyle-related diseases like prediabetes are growing. Yes, this should be at the top of our politicians’ agendas.  But there are billions of dollars in sales monthly by powerful sectors like Big Pharma and Big Food so don’t bet on any government coming soon.

Instead, the reality is we and our families are on our own. Of course some pony up $25,000 + hospital expenses for bariatric weight loss surgery. But you’d still need to change your lifestyle habits. Wouldn’t it make since to improve your lifestyle before risking surgery and side effects? Of course, this is very hard without coaching, accountability and support.

The good news is you can avail of expert coaching and digital tracking via our app. And you get to choose most of our lifestyle habits despite the craziness of lockdowns. Here are three challenges that the VitalityON online 1 on 1 weight loss and fitness coaching program overcomes.

 Challenge #1: Our super BUSY 24/7 lives can zap our time and energy. Yet most weight loss diet and fitness programs out there are designed for folks with lots of free time (not busy parents like you and me). That’s why our program is personalized to fit your busy life via simplicity, sustainability and time effectiveness.

For example, we have folks who want to do strength training just once or twice per week and no cardio, just a few walks.

Others prefer to do shorter workouts more often.

We can make that work as lasting fat loss is about sustainable habits beyond exercise. This also depends on what you ENJOY + what equipment options you have. Good news is even with bodyweight only exercise you can have amazing results if your plan and your execution is good.  Want to test your health and fitness savvy?… try our quiz here:

 Challenge #2: the addictive-by-design nature of processed foods. Don’t believe me?

Dopamine is a well-studied neurotransmitter related to pleasure and motivation. It is responsible for a multitude of functions within the brain, the main function being the way we behave. When we consume substances that release dopamine in the brain it’s not hard to imagine that for many of us, the reaction is we want MORE.

MIT University investigated the addictive properties of food on the brain, and what it does to affect an individual’s mental health.  They were able to see that a particular circuit in the brain regulates the compulsion for us to consume sugar. They were able to decode our addiction to the consumption of sugar.


Here is a related study if you are a science geek like me 🙂  Some may think a health and fitness coach might be immune but I must disagree.Personally, my kryptonite foods include Doritos, Reeces Peanutbutter, Double-Cheese Chimichangas with a tart Margarita in a frosty glass, yummy!  I also love Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Mint Ice Cream.  So I learned to manage this and I can teach you too.

Want to test your weight loss savvy?… try our quiz here:

 Challenge #3: Another angle is that too much information = decision fatigue and brain overload. So that’s why we focus on improving small habits. That way you aren’t making new decisions every day. For example you already have many habits on autopilot like brushing your teeth, driving your car or taking a shower. You can probably do these things without much thought right?

So how long does it take to make a new habit?…This study suggest it takes from 18 to 254 days to create a new habit. On average, it was 66 days. This is why our simple habit-based weight loss and fitness coaching for busy people is typically a 3+ month commitment.

Because what good does it do to radically change your lifestyle for one month and then stop?

My 30 years in health and fitness has taught me that everyone is different and the “one-size-fits-all” generic plans seldom work. That’s why we really get to know our customer’s lives, strengths, challenges, goals and motivations.  We talk by Zoom and track everything via our state-of-the-art app with unlimited messages for all your questions daily.

In closing small hinges, swing big doors. That’s why it’s very helpful to get an expert’s perspective on your current habits and the advance step by step based on a personalized plan to fit your life sustainably, safely and simply.

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