Dan O’Beirne,  B.Sc. Health Sciences  + VitalityON Founder & Head Coach

This is based on where you are, your challenges, your life, and your ultimate health & fitness transformation goals. Everybody’s situation is different so each VitalityON 1-to-1 program is personalized.  This is why our programs range from 3 months to 12 months. Our mission is to get you results, safely and sustainably. We’ll coach, support and teach you the principals so your results will be sustainable on your own after you “graduate” from our program.  Contact us for any questions here.

Yes, we cover all of the above based on your situation and goals.  The nutrition plan is adapted to your unique needs, mindset, and habit hacking so you’ll get the lifestyle that supports your health and fitness goals instead of sabotaging them.   Contact us for any questions here.

We look at what you love to eat, your food & diet history, what has worked, what did not work,  when you like to eat, family needs, work needs, etc.  The result will be a custom-made nutrition plan based on your needs, goals, and preferences.   Contact us for any questions here.

Absolutely, personalized service via our modern app, text messages, and Zoom calls are key to our client’s success and to make adjustments as needed for any challenges that life brings to busy people like you and me. In addition to your custom-made nutrition & fitness programs, each revised monthly. Our online fat loss & fitness coaching programs come with one-on-one text & email support. We also offer one-on-one calls and text support in our VIP Vitality ON Fast Track coaching program.  Contact us for any questions here.

For true beginners, we often start with bodyweight only home training to build a baseline of strength and to prevent injuries. After Covid lockdowns began, Dan had no home gym. So he trained with bodyweight only for 3 months before adding some simple exercise bands, a kettlebell, and a dumbell. This all sits on a small box in his office. There are so many ways to jazz this up and keep it fun while you are getting fitter. All our customers start with a  VitalityON “Jump Start” Zoom call once you’ve joined the program for 3 to 12 months.  Contact us for any questions here.

 Yes indeed! Since this is virtual online coaching we are delighted to work world-wide with anyone who wants more from life and knows that being healthy and fits makes opening doors to your dreams easier. You will need good internet access for best result in accessing our workout and exercise demo videos.  Contact us for any questions here.

It depends on the injury or health problem – please give us more details. If needed we may be able to make a recommendation or refer you to an MD, DO, PT or other qualified health professionals in the USA or Europe.

Keep in mind that common modern chronic health problems like metabolic syndrome, overweight/ obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), high blood sugar, pre-diabetes or T2 diabetes, or even joint pain/ arthritis often benefit from weight loss, better nutrition, better fitness and better moods. Of course, we suggest you consult with your MD for any contraindications or questions before beginning.  Dan was once pre-diabetic and after learning about new nutrition research and ideas from medical doctors and cutting edge health experts was able to reverse this without medication or surgery Contact us for any questions here.

Results come at different paces based on your current lifestyle habits and mindset. That said, you could expect to see fat weight loss, more energy, sexy muscle and more confidence.  Another big benefit is learning how to train and eat. Moreover, you will learn how to master your mindset and habits to support your vitality via key items like sleep and stress.  On top of that most past customers report growth in self-confidence, motivation and better relationships, productivity, and more positive moods.  Contact us for any questions here.

That’s great, we LOVE to work with beginners. This is an opportune time to hire a coach so you learn the correct good habits for your situation and goals right away. Maybe your thing is weight loss or maybe to muscle up certain body parts and gain strength?  We have you covered.  Starting the right way also means avoid wasting time on DIY with gym “bro-science” or risking injury with radical programs like Crossfit. So being a beginner is for us a big advantage over developing a bunch of poor habits and trying to break them in the future. Contact us for any questions here.

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