Don’t ever believe the stupid myth that all

overweight people are lazy gluttons.


As you’ll see many overweight people are not lazy.   Here’s the story of Sean, disciplined man who is also a dedicated dad.

A busy, hard working man who despite doing long boring hours of cardio exercising 3 to 4 times a week for years and eating a highly restrictive diet was unable to lose much of his excess fat.  In fact Sean had struggled most of his life with his weight.

When we spoke by video call I could tell he was almost surely going to be a success with Vitality ON. This is because his problem was not a lack of effort or lack of spirit. Sean’s real obstacle is that his past plans were fatally flawed.

In his case his well-meaning doctor and thin business assosiates had him focused on lots of cardio exercise. While this can work for some, for many overweight folks cardio produces more hunger which is not a good weight loss strategy…. So then he tried the fun but unsustainable hard core-fitness that carry more injury risk for folks over 40. That led to knee, back and shoulder problems.

The good news is I knew exactly where to start so that Sean could slowly lose the excess fat while adding a bit of metabolism-boosting muscle.

You see there was a LOT of low hanging fruit in his lifestyle. Simple changes that would deliver big results. This was because of his past plan neglected a number of simple yet powerful metabolic-boosting strategies that are also sustainable for busy people. Remember overweight people are not all lazy. More on that in another post.

Now on to Sean:

Hi guys!

For along time I had a great excuse “I’m too busy and with my genetics, I’ll always be fat like my parents”.

But high blood pressure and sleep apnea got my attention. My doctor said weight loss would help and suggested I do cardio and eat a very low-fat diet. The exercise was mostly a stationary bike and elliptical machine and once I even trained and ran a 10K race!

I did not win any medals but I finished and man my knees were killing me for a week after that.

I realized that was not sustainable and my hunger was through the roof.  Often I’d burn 500+ calories and go to Starbucks for a “small breakfast” of a muffin and large caramel latte. Or I’d eat a few Cliff Bars and drink a big orange juice. Well, Dan took time to listen to my story and point out the problem. With all that sugar and calories the weight loss was not happening and then I was starving again in 3 hours. I had no idea of macronutrients and only a vague notion of calories.

So I tried hard-core fitness like P90X and CrossFit but time and injuries were problematic. With Dan’s coaching, I lost 14 pounds in 30 days, BEFORE starting the VitalityON short home workouts and simple healthy habits lifestyle that Dan “drip fed” to me each week. Now I am 60 lbs leaner and feel so much younger and stronger. Even my ex-wife is shocked! Bus the best news is my new lifestyle is SUSTAINABLE, safe and beyond the weight loss my sleep apnea and hypertension are now a thing of the past.

I’ll highly recommend to anyone who is serious about learning to lose weight and get fit + sustaining it to contact Dan and VitalityOn for caring, personalized coaching.