Could diabetes metabolic changes in our bodies cause obesity and not the other way around? 

I recall while studying health sciences in university in the late 1980s this used to be called adult-onset diabetes. But now more and more teens and even children are being diagnosed with this dangerous disease. So when I am working with an overweight coaching client I always ask if they have lab results from recent blood work, especially the A1C test.

USA obesity map

Type 2 Diabetes Rates Quadruple Worldwide Since 1980. Below is the USA T2D map showing the clear connections

between the higher obesity states above and the higher diabetes rates per state below.

  Good new is it’s now been shown by research at the University of Indiana and elsewhere, that we can control glucose by smarter nutrition choices. This starts with ditching sugar and processed food, especially starchy carbs like rice and pasta.

It’s important to included protein at each meal, non-starchy veggies with natural spices, and healthy fats. We also know there are a number of other vital healthy habits that can move the needle in the right or wrong direction. More on these in a future post. Despite being crazy busy there are doctors that find the time to educate themselves about these new findings.

Dr Peter Attia, as a young MD,  revealed that he felt some contempt for a patient with Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM).   His patient was overweight, he thought, and so he or she was responsible for the fact that a foot amputation was needed. Sadly, diabetes is the number one cause of non-accident related amputations

But years later, Dr. Attia received a medical surprise and wondered… “is our understanding of diabetes incorrect?” The data below is part of what led him to questions his mainstream medical beliefs on type 2 diabetes.

A look at how assumptions may be leading us to misunderstand this VERY common chronic disease that is diabetes.                                             

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Related news in USA:  A partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Silicon Valley startup Virta Health Corp. is focusing attention on the company’s claim that it provides treatment “clinically-proven to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes” without medication or surgery


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