It’s been observed that small number of people (or things) are responsible for big outcomes.

The funny thing is, this math rule is everywhere in your life with some variations…

  • 90% of your text messages probably go to 10% of the people in your phone.
  • 10% of the population pays 70% of the taxes.
  • 20% of the carpet in your house probably gets 80% of the foot traffic.  
  • 80%+ of fitness equipment is not needed but generates lots of profits.

  I read a study once that 20% of the men on Tinder are dating 80% of the women.

And a similar thing is true in your health, fitness and vitality, 80% of your

results usually come from 20% of your habits and routines.

That means most of what you’re doing is not really important.

But 20% of the things are super powerful.

So how do we harness this?… Simple but not easy. If you can key in on what that 20% is, and do more of it,

will get better results with less investment of time and energy.

This isn’t advanced rocket science…

Or a new revelation to most people…

This is the 80/20 rule in full effect.

But taking a 80/20 Healthy Habits perspective is so worth diving into. This is because only a very few things you’re doing for your nutrition, your fitness and your healthy habits actually produce notable results. And with my Tiny Healthy Hacks System ®, I use the 80/20 rule to custom-design the most effective and time-efficient plan for our 1-to-1 health and fitness success coaching. 

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