4 Big Problems for Sustaining a New Healthy Weight and Fitness in 2021

1) The Wrong Plan: Popular plans are often based on this failed strategy: “Just less & exercise more”. As we can see worldwide this NOT sustainable and fails for busy people over 40.

2) The Wrong Expectations: We gain excess weight over decades yet hope to lose it in a month or two. This is both dangerous and delusional. More on that later

3) The Wrong Mindset: We tend to go all-in with an “all or nothing” mindset. That might work short term but is a tactic, not a skill. What you need is to learn the skill of healthy eating principles applied to your busy life, schedule, and cultural taste.

4) Wrong or No Personalization: This takes a coach with skill and heart. One who listens & adapts to your strengths and adapts to overcome your challenges. This is why it’s part of very few coaches’ systems (especially the 20-something social media fit influencers) as it is a lot of work. It’s much easier for a lazy or bad coach to copy and paste a meal plan.

Now can you understand why studies show 95% of new weight loss and fitness programs out there fail those who try them inside of one year?

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