Hi, I am Dan O’Beirne, a 55-year-old dad to a 4-year-old tornado  & a busy entrepreneur.  Becoming a father at 50, an age where some men are grandfathers, was scary.

I was struggling with too much to do. With the stress and higher cortisol, I’d wake up at 4AM worried about work, my family and my genetic health risk of heart disease, cancer and dementia, 3 of the 4 main killers.

To add insult to injury, my fit elderly doctor told me I was now pre-diabetic and my blood work showed hormones like testosterone were low… he told me to shape up or I’d need drugs, like statins and insulin injections. 🙁 

I recalled the story of Ivan a busy, stressed and high-performing executive with 3 small kids at home. He’d contacted me one March to talk about my private 1-to-1 transformation coaching. As always, for serious people, I am happy to offer a health & fitness lifestyle audit for free.   Ivan, like me, had a risky family history on the cardiovascular front and was 40 pounds overweight and prediabetic. 

He agreed to join my program and paid his down payment to start soon. But then he decided to postpone until after his summer vacation. I sent him a few emails and text messages to stay in contact but never heard back. Later I found out that he’d had chest pains while on a Caribbean beach vacation with his wife and 3 kids at a luxury resort. Later in October he had a massive stroke. Fortunately, the doctors saved his life. Sadly he never fully recovered his physical or mental capabilities and lost his high-paying job.

  The truth is my exercise and eating habits were feast and famine.  I’d been injured numerous times after 40 (imagining I was still a 20-something) doing hardcore exercises like Crossfit, P90X, padel tennis and triathlons and man, can I gain belly fat fast! 

Maybe that’s why my libido and moods were also more erratic. My wife, who is nearly 10 years younger and deserves more. Nope way Jose, she was not happy and our sex life was fading fast.

I discovered that “happy wife, happy life” goes both ways.

This was not good for my marriage, my son, nor my business 🙂 So I decided to take the bull by the horns and find a better way, consulting with experts around Europe and in USA. And I research using my Health Science degree and experience doing fitness on 4 continents.  Next I needed to define my big why, the emotional reason to do this in a vision.

 My vision came to me one day in a beautiful park, watching a grandfather play with his grandkids. I already dreamed of staying fit to be my son’s healthy superhero and adventure partner as he got older. I added this key part… in the year 2066, my son will be 50. I want to be there and hopefully play with my grandkids!

My obstacle was a lack of time and stress. So I asked a new question…Was there was a more productive, more time-effective way to exercise in less time and simplify healthy habits ?…

Listen I love Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning, but spending an hour or two on meditation, affirmations and journaling is too much for me. There are also hundreds of cool gurus who teach every aspect of wellness.

But many seemed to live in a healthy bubble in a gym or yoga studio. I am not a gym rat and nor a yogi (although I love that my wife does yoga). Free time is golden and I needed the flexibility to adapt to travel and changing schedules of Zoom calls. I wanted to enjoy my wine, cheese, burgers, and beers on occasion. I am part owner of a Spain foodie-oriented, private cultural & active travel company.

So how in the heck could I make this work?…

I admit this became an obsession, a personal quest. Most days over lunch, I’d invest 30 minutes or so digging into this. My Dropbox file got longer and longer. My goal was simpler, faster ways, power habits to revitalize mind and body and sustain it at home.

For example how about “metabolic multi-tasking” for your workout?… This is related to the supersets concept of Arnold Schwarzenegger. T

hen there is a metabolic science concept called N.E.A.T which is non-exercise activity thermogenesis +  the variations in the thermic impact of different macronutrients. 

When I could not find a system online that checked all the boxes, I began to experiment. using my 30 years of geeking out on metabolic science, fitness, psychology, nutrition, and wellness. That success and my desire to help other busy people. led me to create Vitality ON Online Coaching... 

This is about customizing a plan to fit your unique life using tiny healthy habits. This means we simplify wellness to make it SUSTAINABLE to get big positive results based on your interest and goals.

WE SAY NO MORE complicated, joint pounding workouts, hours of boring cardio nor hyper-restrictive fad diets. You see the key is balancing our habits using the 80/20 rule.

Our passion is family. Our mission is to help BUSY Parents learn to lose weight and get fit for family with simple, sustainable habits that deliver energy to win your day your way.

Our #1 program is One-to-One Weight Loss & Fit Habits Success Coaching.   Take our 30-sec Fit IQ Quiz here.  Thanks/Gracias 🙂

Be Your Family’s Healthy Hero!… 

Lose up to 25 Pounds and 3 Sizes in 3 Months

      …Without a Gym, Fad Diets, Detox, Pills or Surgery.

 Online Healthy Habit Coaching + Supportive Accountability.

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