Super Hero Workout…   To Get Ready for Your Active Luxury Vacation in 2022 🙂


Good news, I have out together a new custom workout.💪😎🔥🏋   in the Vitality ON private app now.

You’ll see it’s kinda long, with 20 exercises.

This is too test out OK?…    I wanted to give you some choices and so I’d suggest you try all the exercises once or twice.
The idea from the fitness science side is mixing up different movements that target different muscle groups.
So basically we have Warm Up Jumping Jacks – Core – Hamstring work –  Squats – Push – Pull – Isolation moves for Deltoids, Biceps & Triceps.
Let me know your thoughts & experience OK? Then let me know what/ if ya want to take any out.
  Heck you can get a good workout with less variety but it’s fun to try new things sometimes.
It’s based on the options you’d noted for what you have on hand OK! Remember it’s not the strongest that survive, it’s the most adaptable 🙂
So I named it….       Super Hero Workout 🙂         
In your corner,

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